Going Native Garden Tour 2018

Foxborough Garden (11 photos)

Garden #25, Mountain View


Showcase Features: This peaceful garden invites people and animals to enjoy nature through the changing seasons. The garden includes a redwood habitat, Mediterranean mounds, and fruit trees. In 2008, the owner remodeled the front garden, which is now almost 100% native. In 2011, PG&E required the removal of part of the concrete walkway and a boxwood hedge. Instead of pouring more polluting concrete, the owners had an urbanite pathway laid. With kind permission from their neighbors, they now have a new hedge using two species of manzanita and Eve Case coffeeberry.

Other Garden Attractions: Garden designer Chris Todd helped garden owners plan the replacement of a pool and thirsty lawn. Instead, they now enjoy colorful, drought-tolerant perennials and a plaza with a hammock. Benches invite garden visitors to sit and watch the birds and butterflies that enjoy the plants and water sources. There's a surprise in the garden every day. The garden owner is Town Mouse in the popular native gardening blog Town Mouse and Country Mouse.

Gardening for Wildlife: Many birds, butterflies, and native bees live in and visit this garden. Lizards come out in the summer and salamanders enjoy the redwood habitat during the rainy season. The solar-powered fountains are a special attraction for humans and critters alike.

Garden Talk: 10:30 AM: "Color in the Garden with CA Natives," a talk by the Town Mouse from the Town Mouse and Country Mouse blog.
2:00PM: "Moving Toward Natives and Ecological Landscaping", by the Country Mouse from the Town Mouse and Country Mouse blog.

Years of CA Native Gardening at this Location: 15

Garden Size: 10,000 sq ft

Designer: Chris Todd (back)
Installer: Dale van Doren (front and back)

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