Going Native Garden Tour 2018

Graham Garden (13 photos)

Garden #57, San Jose


Showcase Features: The owners of this house started planting CA natives several years ago. The garden in the back was established in 2013; since the owners were happy with the change, the conversion to a majority CA-native garden has been completed in late 2015. The current landscape is a good example of mixing mature non-native trees and shrubs with natives and edibles. In the front, the lawn and hedges were replaced with low-growing natives, selected for tolerance of the high shade provided by the deciduous street trees. On the left-hand side of the driveway, we find a prostrate coyote bush and several clumps of Douglas irises, as well as a low-growing lemonade berry. On the right-hand side, a path made of decomposed granite separates a shaded island with a coast live oak from a berm that has somewhat more exposure to the sun. Another prostrate coyote bush, 'Skylark' ceanothus, and hairy goldenaster occupy the sunny spot, transitioning to a mix of alumroot and irises under a pre-existing magnolia tree. The island with the oak has a patch of lawn-like yarrow (Achillea millefolium), ceanothus "Diamond Heights," more irises, and two kind of salvias (S. sonomensis and S. spathacea), as well as a severals specimens of dudleyas.

Other Garden Attractions: Removal of a pool from the backyard allowed space for a vegetable garden comprising several raised beds, which are separated from the sitting area by a magnificent patch of yarrow. Near the fence, lemon, orange, and guava fruit trees coexist in harmony with a hollyleaf cherry, mature "Dr. Hurd" manzanita, and toyons, with hairy goldenasters, California poppies, sageworts, and verbenas serving as low-growing native accents. In shaded corners, redwood sorrel, wild ginger, and a collection of ferns can be found.

Years of CA Native Gardening at this Location: 5

Garden Size: 2,810 sq.ft.

Designer: Sherri Osaka, Sustainable Landscape Designs
Installer: Earthcare Landscaping

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