Going Native Garden Tour 2018

Solana Native Garden (10 photos)

Garden #21, Los Altos


Showcase Features: The front yard of this professionally designed landscape features a seasonal dry creek which channels the storm water from 3 down spouts. The creek is decorated with Santa Barbara sedge, gum plant, foothill penstemon, lilac verbena, deer weed, California fuchsia, and some annual wildflowers. The former lawn under the 3 mature birch trees was replaced by a leafy reed grass meadow accented by coral bells, woodland strawberry, and meadow onion, and a carpet of Canyon Snow iris, yerba buena, and evergreen currant. Step stone paths meander throughout and divide the garden beds that are punctuated by some attractive, large boulders. A young Indian plum takes center stage at the shady corner of the front yard, which is underplanted by California fescue grasses, blue-eyed grass, and hummingbird sage. Bert Johnson manzanita, Yankee Point Ceanothus and Idaho fescue are employed as ground cover.

Other Garden Attractions: The large back lawn was replaced by a showy purple needlegrass meadow accented by Winnifred Gilman sage, California fuchsia, blue-eyed grass and California poppy. A gravel path and step stone paths provide access throughout the back yard, which also has fruit trees and a raised vegetable bed. California wild grape, pink honeysuckle, and western virgin's bower vines are trained on the fences. California wax myrtle, a buckeye, toyon, and holly-leaf cherry have been added as tall screening shrubs in the back yard, while coffeeberry and a western redbud are used as foundation shrubs. A decorative metal bench, placed under the shade of a persimmon tree, surrounded by snowberry and western sword ferns, offers a comfortable vantage point to enjoy the needlegrass meadow, a gazing ball, a bird bath and the wildlife.

Gardening for Wildlife: The garden was designed with wildlife habitat in mind, and attracts various birds, butterflies, bees, insects and lizards. Food, water, shelter, and nesting places are all provided.

Years of CA Native Gardening at this Location: 2

Garden Size: 6,500 sq.ft.

Designer: Agi Kehoe Landscaping
Installer: Earthcare Landscaping

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