Going Native Garden Tour 2019

Almaden Native (10 photos)

Garden #23, San Jose


Showcase Features: This large front yard, formerly covered by a huge lawn, now features two dry creeks (one in the parking strip!), a dry stack Sonoma wall rock raised bed to provide privacy and to showcase a valley oak, and a custom cobblestone front entrance path with a round patio, accented and also camouflaged (for privacy) by 3 large deer grass. Sharing the raised bed are Carmel Sur manzanita, coast and red flowered buckwheat, and elegant clarkia in the spring. When mature, the valley oak will provide much needed cooling, visual appeal, and valuable habitat. The outer edge of the raised bed is softened by plantings of blue grama, foothill penstemon, Calistoga CA fuchsia, a Pigeon Point coyote brush, coyote mint and golden aster. In the shade of the house, a nine bark, evergreen currants, alum root, western sword ferns and creeping barberry share the space with yerba buena. The mature, non-native Australian water gum tree has been retained, and its understory was planted with Douglas iris and hummingbird sage. Peeking from the purple needle grass meadow are Sonoma Coast yarrow, poppies and blue-eyed grass.

Other Garden Attractions: For additional cooling effect, the concrete by the garage and fence was opened up for a western redbud, that is underplanted by Ithuriel's spear bulbs. Flagstone step stone paths meander throughout the garden for access and visual appeal. A trio of Valley Violet Ceanothus provides early spring color, and CA fescue grasses were added under the shade of the mature, non-native Podocarpus shrubs. On the right side of the driveway is an older hedgerow of Howard McMinn manzanita, planted by the home owners.

Gardening for Wildlife: The addition of the many native species greatly enhances the habitat value of this suburban garden. It was designed for seasonal color and habitat in mind, and is now visited by various insects, bees, lizards, and birds. Food, shelter and nesting places are provided.

Years of CA Native Gardening at this Location: 3

Garden Size: 2,700 sq.ft

Designer: Agi Kehoe Landscaping
Installer: EarthCare Landscaping

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