Going Native Garden Tour 2019

Dent Avenue Native Habitat Garden (11 photos)

Garden #24, San Jose


Showcase Features: This garden, last featured on the tour five years ago, has a professionally designed front yard, and a sizeable backyard with an ever-growing collection of California natives, all installed by the owner, passionate about plants. In the front, a permeable path winds through beds planted with coyote brush, and a variety of buckwheats. A valley oak, planted in a large raised bed, is well on the way to becoming a centerpiece of the front yard. A coast live oak, planted in the parking strip, competes for attention. The perimeter of the front yard has mature salvias, manzanitas and ceanothus, while near the house, a 'Firecracker' bush snapdragon and large 'Louis Edmunds' manzanita attract hummingbirds. An abundance of CA poppies fills any spots not already taken by low-growing pernnials and shrubs.

Other Garden Attractions: In the backyard, one can walk between the maturing specimens of many shrubs, planted with enough space to reach their final sizes; these include California sage, 'Howard Mc Minn', 'Sunset, and Pajaro manzanitas, 'Pozo Blue', 'Starlight, and 'Figueroa' salvias, 'Julia Phelps', 'Louis Edmunds', 'Yankee Point' ceanothuses. The 'Twin Peaks' and 'Pigeon Point' prostrate coyote brushes continue the theme from the front yard's design. Taller-growing shrubs and trees along the fence include a magnificent 'Ray Hartman' ceanothus, feltleaf ceanothus, a buckeye, a straight species of blueblossom, elderberry, hollyleaf cherry, and a very healthy quail bush that thrives in a spot that has been proven troublesome for other plants that the owner tried to grow in the place formerly occupied by a hot tub.

Gardening for Wildlife: The varied assortment of shrubs provides year-round habitat for insects and birds.

Years of CA Native Gardening at this Location: 10

Garden Size: 6500 sq ft

Designer: Stephanie Morris (front); Homeowner (back)
Installer: Homeowner

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