Going Native Garden Tour 2019

Elizabeth F. Gamble Garden - Native Garden (11 photos)

Garden #57, Palo Alto


While this garden is open all year round, visiting it during the tour day provides an opportunity to ask the docents about any particularly interesting plants or features.

Address: 1431 Waverley Street, Palo Alto (click the address to show it on a map).

Directions: From Hwy 101, take the Embarcadero Rd exit and head west on Embarcadero for about 1.7 mile. Turn left onto Waverley St at the stop light, and then left into the Elizabeth F. Gamble Garden parking lot, immediately after passing Kellogg Ave on the right. If the lot is full, parking should be available on the nearby streets. Map of the Garden Native areas are F & Z

Showcase Features: This public garden has a well established 10 year old native plant area as well as a newly planted rain garden. The main garden area at the corner of Embarcadero and Waverly has a mature Coast live oak as a focal point and provides a wonderful example of what grows well under oaks. The Waverly street border of the garden is comprised of a mature Hollyleaf cherry hedge. Under the oak you will find such shade loving plants as snowberry, Douglas and Pacific coast irises, and Pacific wax myrtle, In the past 3 years the front section of the garden bordering the driveway has undergone a transition from shade to sun after the loss of mature coast live oak. The recently installed rain garden serves as an overflow for a large rail barrel for the carriage house.

Other Garden Attractions: This garden is chemical free and uses mulch made from leaf and plant litter to enrich the soil. Watering is done with drip or soaker hoses run by weather based controllers.

Gardening for Wildlife: There are 4 fountains and 2 birdbaths in the garden to encourage wildlife along with hedgerows for nesting and safety. Seed heads are left on as food for birds and there are owl nesting boxes. Many birds visit the garden including Bushtits, Junkos, Bewick's wrens, lesser goldfinch, Towhee, Cooper's hawk, and various warblers. Squirrels frequent the garden, especially for the acorns. Monarch, swallowtail and skippers are among the betterflies seen along with many native bees and other pollinators.

Years of CA Native Gardening at this Location: 9

Garden Size: 1/4 acre

Designer: Gamble Staff
Installer: Gamble Staff

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