Going Native Garden Tour 2019

Our Own Little Park (10 photos)

Garden #36, San Jose


Showcase Features: This is a newly planted corner lot garden that features twenty-two different species of California native plants. Dr. Hurd, Carmel Sur, John Dourley and Louis Edmonds manzanitas flourish on raised soil berms that will grow into stunning focal points. Also included are variegated Ceanothus 'Diamond Heights', Salvia apiana, Abutilon palmeri, California fuchsia, Eriogonum grande var rubescens, Arctostaphylos and Eriophyllum lanatum 'Siskiyou'.

Other Garden Attractions: Pieces of broken concrete (urbanite) from a former walkway were reused to create a graceful curve of steppingstones through the landscape inviting visitors to take a closer look at individual plants. Challenges with soil erosion were addressed by installing an attractive Sonoma fieldstone and urbanite retaining wall, which also adds a finishing touch to the landscape. Inline drip irrigation with an automatic rain sensor waters the plants. Two dry wells are also installed underneath the soil to retain onsite-runoff water, and a small swale beside the driveway assists with drainage from a low point on the existing paving.

Gardening for Wildlife: The broad plant palette provides an oasis for bees, hummingbirds, warblers, butterflies, finches, sparrows and western bluebirds. A shallow natural well in a boulder is used as a birdbath and drinking water for wildlife during hot summer days. The water source is connected to the irrigation system that allows for manual control of the water level. Several species of butterflies including Gulf Frilliary, Skippers and Painted Ladies are attracted to the flowers and water source. The garden is 93% CA native plants.

Years of CA Native Gardening at this Location: 1

Garden Size: 2,262 sq ft

Designer: Sherri Osaka
Installer: Pazmany Bros. Landscaping

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