Going Native Garden Tour 2019

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Garden #2, San Jose


Showcase Features: The owner retained existing sagos and palm trees and created a unique landscape around them. You will enjoy her aesthetic sense and decorative touches. Paths bordered with tipped up urbanite and tufa planters filled with succulents accent the large list of native plants. These include "Centennial" ceanothus, monkeyflower, California fuchsia, coyote mint, island bush poppy, several species of buckwheats, manzanitas and sages. The parking strip is particularly hot, so datura, deer grass, verbena are interspersed with clarkia and Lippia groundcover.

Other Garden Attractions: The backyard reveals more native treasures: a green sward of lippia, accent manzanitas, Palmer's abutilon, beach asters, globe gillia, "Ruby Slippers" monkeyflower, hummingbird sage, and columbine. The homeowner has propagated most of the plants herself; you can see her propagation techniques, as well as a succulent wall pallet accented with native succulents. A collection of succulents around the fountain includes five species of native Dudleya and sedum. Dudleya farinosa and Dudleya virens ssp hassei are prominently featured.

Gardening for Wildlife: This garden is a certified wildlife habitat. It provides food, water, shelter and places to nest. The owner has mounted a nest box for owls/kestrels after finding an owl pellet in the garden. She also has a mason bee condo and numerous bee and pollinator friendly plants.

Garden Talk: 11 AM and 1PM - the owner will talk about how she followed the CNPS garden design and plant videos to create this sustainable wildlife habitat garden, and how any homeowner can do this by using appropriate CA native plants.

Years of CA Native Gardening at this Location: 2

Garden Size: 2,750 sq.ft

Designer: Homeowners
Installer: Homeowners

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