Going Native Garden Tour 2019

Salinger Garden (25 photos)

Garden #64, San Mateo


Showcase Features: This garden, created in 2011 and renovated in 2017, is a double feature: an inviting, well maintained front garden and an expansive back garden with a flat area and a steep slope. The front was once covered with invasive English ivy. Now it's an inviting and attractive medley of a specimen bush poppy, a 6 foot manzanita, and a tall Santa Barbara wild lilac. Underneath, different blooming natives including canyon sunflower, California fuchsia, and groundcover manzanita and artemisia. The flat area of the back garden includes a sitting area and showcases toyon, salvia, and coffeeberry, and some beautiful rain chains.

Other Garden Attractions: The front garden is mulched with fine bark and different pebbles and includes some attractive rocks. Because gophers are abundant, the owner has planted the front in cages - and they thrive! The owners are still working on the slope - which you can view from the flat area in the back garden. They have already planted a large area with Matilija poppy and are starting to add more plants in the areas where they've removed invasive exotics.

Gardening for Wildlife: Many birds come to enjoy the bird feeders, berries and seeds from the plants, and shelter. And the front garden, with blooms year round, is sure to attract pollinators.

Years of CA Native Gardening at this Location: 8

Garden Size: 1/2 acre

Designer: Homeowner and Pete Veilleux
Installer: Homeowner and Pete Veilleux

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