Going Native Garden Tour 2019

Tranquility Walk (8 photos)

Garden #25, San Jose


Showcase Features: This garden is the result of a conversion of a pre-existing landscape, which utilized several bamboo species. The primary goal of the new design was to create a landscape filled with low-growing native plants, with particular emphasis on plants with fragrant foliage, and also friendly to birds, bees, butterfiles, and other wildlife. Curving paths in front and back provide easy access to the diverse plantings. In the front yard, which was converted to CA natives almost 3 years ago, a pre-existing non-native tree provides high shade for a patch of hummingbird sage. On the border of the shaded area, a spice bush specimen and several yarrows, buckwheats, and monkey flowers are planted where they can get enough sunshine to grow. In the sunny part of the front yard, sagebrushes, Cleveland sage, coyote mint, and pitcher sage can be found. Flowers at various times of the year can be found on a couple of ceanothus and verbena specimens, and several low-growing 'Carmel Sur' manzanitas. The landscaping in the backyard is one year younger than in the front. It was done with the same principles in mind and incorporates mostly scented natives such as "Bee's Bliss" salvia, white sage, coyote mint, and black sage. A decomposed granite path snakes around the backyard for access at all times of the day. Several fruit trees were planted among the natives; they are irrigated with a gray water system installed for that purpose.

Other Garden Attractions: Near a sitting area in the back, there is a meadow composed of meadow sedge and dune sedge plantings, along with annual flowers. A patch of no-mow native bent grass thrives nearby.

Gardening for Wildlife: The variety of plants provides nectar and pollen at all times of the year, attracting bees and butterflies. Several rock piles are utilized by lizards as sunning and hiding places. They also protect the outlets of the gray irrigation system from the racoons.

Garden Talk: 2:30 PM: "Habitat Gardening: For the birds!" - a talk by Rebecca Schoenenberger of California Nativescapes

Years of CA Native Gardening at this Location: 3

Garden Size: 5,350 sq ft

Designer: Front Yard: Middlebrook; Back Yard: California Nativescape
Installer: Front Yard: Middlebrook 2016; Back Yard: California Nativescape 2017

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