Growing Natives Garden Tour 2010

Halkins Drive Garden (4 photos)

Garden #62, San Jose


Showcase Features: This professionally designed, mostly native garden utilizes native groundcover shrubs and perennials to create an eye-catching tapestry of textures and colors in the front yard.

Other Garden Attractions: Coffeeberry and evergreen currant are used as effective foundation shrubs at the shady front entrance. The front pathway is lined with groupings of Idaho fescue bunchgrasses. The verbena and sage (especially) give the garden a summer-long sweet-spicy scent that works like aromatherapy every time you approach the front door. Under the canopy of the exotic city trees (ginkgo and Chinese pistache), the front yard is covered with Yankee Point ceanothus, lilac verbena, and sandhill sage. The groundcovers are accented by western redbud, golden currant, purple sage, Sentinel manzanita, penstemon and woolly blue curls. The back garden features a young blue oak. The shade of a mature Bradford Pear provides a nice habitat for giant western chain fern, snowberry and alum root. Pink-flowering currant, coffeeberry, and island snapdragon bush decorate the beds along the back fence. The owners also cultivate a small vegetable bed

Gardening for Wildlife: The variety of native plants provide food and shelter for many birds, insects and small mammals. The yard attracts a variety of bee and butterfly species, and is adored by hummingbirds

Years of CA Native Gardening at this Location: 2

Garden Size: 1600 sq ft

Designer: Annaloy Nickum
Installer: Homeowner

Click here to download the plant list in PDF format.

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