Growing Natives Garden Tour 2010

Purissima Hills Water District Demonstration Garden (4 photos)

Garden #20, Los Altos Hills


While this garden is open all year round, visiting it during the tour day provides an opportunity to ask the docents about any particularly interesting plants or features.

Address: 26375 Fremont Rd, Los Altos Hills.

Directions: 1. From 280 and Foothill Expressway, take Foothill Expressway North.
2. Turn left at Edith.
3. Turn right at W. Fremont Road.
4. Turn right to stay on W. Freemont Road.
5. The Water District garden and building will be on your right, followed by a parking lot and then other city buildings.

Showcase Features: Beautifully designed and maintained demonstration garden includes attactive all-native plantings, a water fountain for humans, dogs, and horses, and informational signs and handouts.

Other Garden Attractions: Even garden tour participants who usually skip public gardens might consider making an exception for this stunning, generously sized garden featuring dry stream beds, mature oaks, and many different natives. Healthy woodland strawberry groundcover, blooming California lilac, and manzanita, toyon, Western redbud, coffeeberry, and other natives provide color and wildlife value year round.

Crushed stone paths allow rainwater to remain onsite, and the highly efficient inline drip system also conserves water. A small mounded area uses micro-spray in conjunction with the inline drip lines to illustrate the feasibility of that combination. A full-color 4-page flyer that includes a plant list, layout plan, and photos of the most notable plants will be available on tour day. See for some additional information.

Years of CA Native Gardening at this Location: 3

Garden Size: ~3500 sq ft

Designer: Stephanie Morris

Click here to download the plant list in PDF format.

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