Growing Natives Garden Tour 2010

Spring Street Garden (4 photos)

Garden #6, Redwood City


Showcase Features: Spacious front garden features a sheltered sitting area, mounds of beautiful natives, and fruit trees.

Other Garden Attractions: This professionally designed and installed front garden immediately attracts the visitor with terra-cotta colored lattice at the front porch and at the front sitting area that display gourds and provide screening from the street. The flagstone and gravel used for paving the sitting area and a path echo the color of the lattice. Clusters of special stones throughout the garden complement and play in this scheme. Over the years, the owners had to remove six Monterey pines, which had succumbed to old age. Instead, the garden now includes mounds of native grasses, buckwheats, poppies and other sun-loving natives and some shade-tolerant natives like ferns and coral bells under the two remaining Monterey pine. A rain garden drain ensures that roof runoff percolates well into the garden.

Additional native plantings include a Catalina ironwood, California sunflower, Coffeeberry, Salvia ‘Bee's Bliss', hummingbird sage, Matilija poppy, and native succulents. Intermingled with the natives are some vegetables such as lettuce and cabbage, as the season permits. Apricot, Meyer lemon, sour cherry and a smoke tree round out the enticing mix of beauty and utility

Gardening for Wildlife: The transformation has been a delight for the hummingbirds, butterflies, bees, salamanders, as well as the human visitors to the garden.

Years of CA Native Gardening at this Location: 2

Garden Size: 2,000 square feet

Designer: Peigi Duvall, Indig Design

Click here to download the plant list in PDF format.

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