Growing Natives Garden Tour 2012

Natural Front Yard (4 photos)

Garden #32, Santa Clara


Showcase Features: Naturalistic front yard featuring an attractive collection of native shrubs and perennials, tastefully designed for curb appeal and for attracting wildlife. The driveway and main entrance path was replaced with storm water perveous Calstone pavers.

Other Garden Attractions: The entrance bed, centered by a western redbud, includes penstemons edged by shasta sulfur buckwheat. A birdbath is surrounded by native bog rush (Juncus effusus). Along the property line between the neighbors, tall shrubs (mallows, a multi-stem western redbud, toyon and manzanita provide a natural privacy screen. Ground cover sage and ceanothus flanked by red-flowered buckwheat hug the lower areas by the sidewalk. A large rock, next to a specimen manzanita, provides a good sunning spot for lizards.

Gardening for Wildlife: Food and shelter are provided by the native plants; the birdbath supplies fresh water. Bees and various birds are regular visitors.

Years of CA Native Gardening at this Location: 3

Garden Size: 600 sq ft

Designer: Deva Luna, Earthcare Landscaping
Installer: Earthcare Landscaping

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