Growing Natives Garden Tour 2012

Troetschler Garden (8 photos)

Garden #16, Los Altos


Showcase Features: This garden is designed to benefit people, native birds, and insects. It contains many natives and other drought-resistant plants which attract birds and insects and also includes fruit trees and a vegetable garden. The age of the native plants range from new plantings to several forty year old shrubs. Many of the native shrubs which require good drainage are planted on low mounds, and are never watered. Others are watered occasionally in the summer.

One of the greatest priorities is to maintain the health of the heritage valley oak tree. Water is kept away from the crown and there are no plantings inside the drip line. The 30 year old blue oak in the front garden has been thinned and pruned extensively to keep it from shading out the shrubs located beneath.

Other Garden Attractions: The garden is designed to flower throughout the year to feed the hummingbirds. Winter bloom begins with Howard McMinn manzanita, followed by golden currant, lemonade berry, western columbine and coral bells. In summer, penstemon, coyote mint, Munz sage and (non-native) Chinese plumbago are favorites of both hummers and butterflies. In fall they move on to California fuchsia and the tiny flowers of the (non-native) strawberry tree. A beautiful 'Ray Hartman' wild lilac provides food for beneficial insects, and shelters nesting birds.

Gardening for Wildlife: Bird and native bee houses and feeders are found in the garden. Tiny flowers of native buckwheats attract and nourish beneficial insects. The garden is also visited by alligator and blue-belly lizards, many small birds, hawks, and a Western screech owl.

Years of CA Native Gardening at this Location: 46

Garden Size: 7000 sq ft

Designer: Homeowner
Installer: Homeowner

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