Growing Natives Garden Tour 2013

Kutz-Quong Native Garden (6 photos)

Garden #20, Los Altos


Showcase Features: Jim and Karrie transformed a boring lawn into a native plant paradise with meandering paths, and dry stream beds. For year round visual interest, they included California natives from different regions including manzanita, penstemon, california fuchsia, juncus, and island snapdragon. They also added Mediterranean climate plants from other parts of the world such as bottle brush bush - a hummingbird favorite- and Australian fuchsia. In the spring, native California wildflowers are sure to be breathtaking.

Other Garden Attractions: The garden was designed and installed by the owners and shows how even those of us with no design background can create a garden that wows the neighbors. The reward of the owner's dedication are a garden that anybody would love to come home to.

Gardening for Wildlife: Many birds, including Towhees, vireos, mockingbirds, and hummingbirds enjoy the shelter and food sources in the garden. Because the owners do not use pesticides, an abundance of beneficial insects are found in the garden - more food for the birds.

Years of CA Native Gardening at this Location: 4

Garden Size: 2000 sq ft

Designer: Homeowners
Installer: Homeowners

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