Growing Natives Garden Tour 2013

Robindell Way Garden (8 photos)

Garden #32, Cupertino


Showcase Features: This 100% native garden showcases native plants from throughout California. The unassuming, architectural rows of deer grass in the front makes the visitor stop in amazement when the large backyard with meandering paths, three seating areas, and a fountain reveals itself. A river of sedge grass adds a welcome island of green in summer, and in fall the espaliered wild grape Roger's Red draws the eye. Dry stream beds add drainage, and direct run-off into the garden.

Other Garden Attractions: A rich variety of plants includes a tree ceanothus, desert maple, holly leaf cherry, and California redbud. Succulents are used as focal points. The Mantilleja poppy, out of place in smaller sites, is sure to look stunning in this spacious garden.

Gardening for Wildlife: The bubbling fountain invites birds for a drink, while bushes offer shelter and the pollen attracts native and non-native bees.

Years of CA Native Gardening at this Location: 3

Garden Size: 10000 sq ft

Designer: Middlebrook Gardens (back) Priya Graves (front)
Installer: Middlebrook Gardens (back) Home Depot (front)

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