Growing Natives Garden Tour 2013

Round's Hill (7 photos)

Garden #35, Monte Sereno


Showcase Features: This fabulous large garden is worth the hike up the hill it requires for entry. The site is a testament to how diligence and hard work can overcome the encroachment of invasive non-natives. It includes areas of Oak Woodland, Chapparal, Oak Grassland, and Redwood Forest plant communities. The owner is very enthusiastic about natives, and propagates most of his own plants for introduction into the garden.

Other Garden Attractions: Oxalis, exotic annual grasses, cotoneaster, vinca, ivy, eucalyptus, and acacia are among the invasive non-native plants removed from this garden. They are gloriously replaced with thriving natives including toyon, ceanothus, huckleberries, ferns, chapparal currant, prostrate chamise, a variety of sages, eriogonums, buckwheats, and monkeyflowers. Large established oaks and redwoods dominate the site. Upper and lower meadows contain a variety of native grasses, including melica, nassella, festucas, brome, and deer grass, along with annual wildflowers so abundant they are visible when flying over in spring.

Gardening for Wildlife: Deer, coyotes, bobcats, gophers, squirrels, and rabbits are among the wildlife that visit this garden.

Years of CA Native Gardening at this Location: 15

Garden Size: 1.7 acre

Designer: Homeowner

Click here to download the plant list in PDF format (from year 2008).

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