Growing Natives Garden Tour 2013

Willow Street Garden (6 photos)

Garden #47, San Jose


Showcase Features: A strongly patterned native plant garden complements a Willow Glen cottage with vintage architectural details. The focal point of the house is a large arched window flanked by wrought iron wall sconces. Two symmetrically placed deer grasses are boldly silhouetted against the stucco walls on either side of the window. Two sculptural California rushes frame steps leading to a low-walled porch ornamented with tile work. A sweep of carex (non-native), yarrow and California fuchsia replaces a lawn. A grouping of large toyon and manzanita is a vertical focal point amidst the horizontal lines of the rest of the garden. A native grapevine adds more drama, and food for wildlife.

Other Garden Attractions: The front porch was designed at the same time as the garden and the old porch tiles were reused. The old porch tiles were also used in the strip next to the sidewalk. This saved money, but even more important, saved energy because it wasn't necessary to bring in new tiles.

Gardening for Wildlife: California buckwheats, penstemons and monkey flowers provide color and wildlife habitat. Achillea millefolium attracts a variety of insects.

Years of CA Native Gardening at this Location: 2

Garden Size: 850 sq.ft

Designer: EarthCare Landscaping
Installer: EarthCare Landscaping

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