Growing Natives Garden Tour 2014

Hilltop Drive Garden (10 photos from 2013)

Garden #17, Los Altos


Showcase Features: Under the canopy of magestic, old growth valley and coast live oaks, this spaceous property features an array of recently installed native plants in a woodland setting, decorated with urns and other eye-cathing garden art. A dry creak meanders throughout the front and back yards, connecting both spaces.

Other Garden Attractions: The front yard features a bunch grass meadow with California gray rush, deer grass, yarrow, goldenrod, California fuchsia, and other wildflowers. Along the house is a riparian corridor with twinberry honeysuckle, dogwood, ferns and coral bells. A grove of mature manzanitas lines one side of the driveway, whille the property line is decorated with redwoods, western redbud, ceanothus, an old growth toyon and mature valley and live oaks. A magestic valley oak is the focal point of the large back garden, protected by a dry rock wall. A perfectly placed wooden bench offers a grand vista towards the house, the swimming pool, and many more species of natives, including douglas iris, California fescue, island snapdragon, madrone, coffeeberry, pink flowering currant, coast silk tassel, etc.

Gardening for Wildlife: Rock wall and dry creek bed provides sun bathing spots for reptiles. The variety of plants offer food and shelter, while the large trees provide nesting places. Many species of birds, insects, bees, butterflies and lizards are drawn to the garden.

Plants Available: On tour day, Native Revival Nursery will conduct a plant sale at this garden. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Going Native Garden Tour. Please pay with cash or check.

Years of CA Native Gardening at this Location: 4

Garden Size: 38000

Designer: Peigi Duvall, Indig Design
Installer: Maximum Service Landscaping

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