Growing Natives Garden Tour 2014

Moselle Court Garden (4 photos from 2009)

Garden #49, San Jose


Showcase Features: This attractive garden features a variety of colorful natives including native edibles and an organic vegetable garden.

Other Garden Attractions: Sculpted berms add visual interest and provide the appropriate slope for plantings of wild lilac, coyote brush, sage, buckwheat, manzanita, coffeeberry, toyon, California fuchsia, penstemon, and woolly blue curls. A wildflower meadow features several varieties of California poppy set among plantings of purple needlegrass, deergrass, and a young live oak. Juncus, bush anemone, dudleyas, and other coastal natives line the walkway to the front door and provide a good example of how to attractively plant narrow garden beds.

A young valley oak, underplanted with woodland strawberry, graces the back garden. Juncus, toyon, yarrow, holly-leafed cherry, and herb gardens border a dry creek bed that flows towards a rebuilt patio of paving stones set in sand. The small sports turf area, made from recycled materials, is an interesting lawn alternative.

Gardening for Wildlife: A variety of native trees, shrubs and flowering plants attract "hummers and other birds, small pollinators of all kinds, our dog, the cats she chases, and the squirrels who duck".

Years of CA Native Gardening at this Location: 8

Garden Size: 4160 sq ft

Designer: Alrie Middlebrook, Middlebrook Gardens
Installer: Middlebrook Gardens

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