Growing Natives Garden Tour 2014

Pat & Frank Nichols' Garden (9 photos)

Garden #35, Campbell


Showcase Features: Not your run-of-the mill garden, this is a labor of love of Pat and Frank Nichols, who have lived and worked in this garden for fifty years. The garden is a mix of native plants and edibles, and only the front is officially on tour, but Pat and Frank might show you the fruit orchard and the raspberry hedges, if you're interested - and you ask nicely. Many of the non-native trees and other plants were slowly replaced with natives - the garden now features several oaks, some of the planted by squirrels, others from acorns gathered on hiking trips. Hearing the stories that Pat has to tell about how the garden evolved, what worked and what did not work, and how it gives her joy is priceless!

Other Garden Attractions: A bird bath and recirculating fountain attract birds and other animals. Maturenative shrubs such as a beautiful 8 foot tall manzanita cannot easily be found in the wild or in a native garden - making this garden a special treat for the native plant connoisseur. The owner convinced the city to plant holly-leaf cherry in her street strip and, pruned annually, they thrive and are a welcome splash of green.

Gardening for Wildlife: The trees, shrubs, and hedges offer spots for nesting throughout the garden.The native plants attract many native pollinators, which in turn attract insect-loving birds. The birds keep the non-native vegetable beds healthy. Showy milkweed attracts butterflies.

Years of CA Native Gardening at this Location: 48

Garden Size: 32000 square feet

Designer: Owner
Installer: Owner

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