Growing Natives Garden Tour 2014

San Juan Street Garden (3 photos)

Garden #11, Stanford


Showcase Features: This large collector's garden combines stately old oaks, wildlife-friendly underbrush, and several California native meadows. Close to the house, a meadow of bunch grasses and California poppies is surrounded by an amphitheater of different manzanitas, giving the owners a beautiful view from their window and from their back porch. The rest of the garden combines different grasses and shrubs such as red-berried toyon, several beautiful California lilacs, and many attractive snowberry bushes. Perennials such as penstemons and buckwheat round out the pleasing picture.

Other Garden Attractions: A dry stream bed collects water and allows it to stay on the property instead of going down the drain. Most of the plants are green year round, and the different berries (snowberry, toyon, elderberry) and flowers (penstemon, poppy, monkey flower, and many more) add color. Several deciduous oaks provide leaf mulch, a much more attractive ground cover than the commonly used bark much.

NOTE: To keep the fire lane open, plan to park on Santa Ynez, just a few steps away from the house on San Juan.

Gardening for Wildlife: Large trees and shrubs provide shelter for animals and birds. Many blooming shrubs, perennials, and annuals attract pollinators. The garden is visited by birds, bees, and butterflies.

Years of CA Native Gardening at this Location: 6

Garden Size: 27000 square feet

Designer: Alrie Middlebrook, Middlebrook Gardens
Installer: Middlebrook Gardens

Plant list: In preparation, will be linked later...

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