Growing Natives Garden Tour 2015

Mid-Century Modern meets Organic Wildlife Park (10 photos)

Garden #16, Mountain View


Showcase Features: As you walk up the driveway, along the (soon-to-be-removed) lawn, you can't guess what a wonderful surprise awaits behind the garden gate. The whole backyard, over 4000 square feet, has been replanted with many species of California natives. Something is blooming year round - starting with manzanita in winter to iris in spring, salvias in summer, and California fuchsia in fall. The three Chitalpa trees, a cross between California native Chilopsis and non-native Catalpa, feed the hummingbird with large tubular blossoms. In the shade, coral bells, ferns, and a beautiful vine maple add color and visual interest.

Other Garden Attractions: Gravel paths end in small flagstone seating areas, perfect for an hour in the shade of a tree. A large planter box for (non-native) herbs can also be used as seating. Mature fruit trees including an antique apple are excellent complements to the many native plants. A well-pruned 12 foot coyote brush shows how attractive this often neglected species can be.

Gardening for Wildlife: The garden owner is a bird lover and has planted many bird-friendly plants including manzanitas and coffee berries. Rocks, logs, and a brush pile offer the birds places to perch and places to hide. The patio and different seating areas allow good bird viewing.

Years of CA Native Gardening at this Location: 1

Garden Size: 4300 sqft (back only)

Designer: Chris Todd
Installer: Landmark Landscapes

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