Growing Natives Garden Tour 2015

Collins School Garden (6 photos from 2012)

Garden #32, Cupertino


Showcase Features: This lovingly maintained school garden focuses on education, wildlife habitat and sustainability.

Other Garden Attractions: This long but narrow garden backs against a wall, so the back is shaded by the backing wall while the front is sunny. Large trees also shade one end with the other end in full sun. Tree trunk sections are used as seats, and old milk cartons as bird feeders. Wildlife-friendly plantings include many native flowering shrubs, including several species of currants, toyon, coffeeberry, ceanothus, blue elderberry, western redbud and native sages. The beds are a riot of color with blue-eyed grass, California poppies, clarkias and native and hybrid yarrow among the native perennials and grasses. The garden has educational signage, making it a great learning opportunity for those interested in creating wildlife habitat in their gardens.

Gardening for Wildlife: This garden attracts birds including phoebes, finches and hummingbirds as well as bees (native and honey), butterflies and other insects. Many seed bearing perennials and nectar and caterpillar plants are planted. Additional habitat features include logs and rocks for shelter, a birdbath and bee boxes. The school also participates in the local Audubon's cavity nester program with nest boxes targeting oak titmice and chestnut-backed chickadees around the school. Western bluebirds have also been spotten on campus, and wrens have take up residence in garden nestboxes.

Years of CA Native Gardening at this Location: 10

Garden Size: 1300 sq. ft

Designer: Suzanne Redell, Dina Gibbs and Chris Nutter
Installer: The school community

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