Growing Natives Garden Tour 2015

Cottage garden with Natives and Edibles (7 photos)

Garden #47, Campbell


Showcase Features: The lawn replacement and front yard re-design incorporates a variety of natives in a sunny, south facing environment. The garden includes a specimen Blue Elderberry tree along with Sulfur Buckwheat, Golden Toyon, Baccharis 'Twin Peaks', and Manzanitas. A meandering path of interlocking paving stones and a decorative wood fence complete the garden. A newly installed pervious concrete driveway keeps rainwater on site.

Other Garden Attractions: In the rear yard, natives such as Toyon, California Grape, Holly Leaf Cherry, California Lilac and Pacific Coast Iris are combined with a mix of fruit trees, a raised interlocking concrete vegetable/herb garden bed and a newly seeded yarrow lawn. Designed and maintained by Stephanie Morris, Landscape Architect.

Gardening for Wildlife: Water through birdbaths and small water-collecting basins, shelter with plant materials, food with berries, flowers & seeds.

Years of CA Native Gardening at this Location: 11

Garden Size: 4,700 sq.ft

Designer: Stephanie Morris
Installer: Stephanie Morris

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