Growing Natives Garden Tour 2015

Portola Avenue Garden (7 photos from 2014)

Garden #23, Palo Alto


Showcase Features: With the help of designer Peigi Duvall, the owners transformed a garden with tired run-of-the-mill plantings and lawn into a wildlife paradise. Berms and a dry creek bed in the front garden add visual interest, and instead of compacted clay the native plantain, yarrows, and carpenteria enjoy new soil and some drainage. In the back garden, a bush mallow attracts bees and other pollinators even in winter. Those pollinators also visit the edible garden, which is tucked away along the house.

Other Garden Attractions: A seating area with a view of native bunch grasses is surrounded by attractive California native container plantings. Shadier areas feature lush green California rush and California currents.

Gardening for Wildlife: Three small bird baths throughout the garden are hand filled, and the plant choices were made with birds, pollinators, and butterflies in mind.

Years of CA Native Gardening at this Location: 3

Garden Size: 3799 sq ft

Designer: Peigi Duvall, Indig Design
Installer: Universal Site Services and Dave Griffiths

Click here to display the plant list in a printer-friendly format (from year 2014).

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