Growing Natives Garden Tour 2016

Konecny's Garden (15 photos)

Garden #68, San Jose


Showcase Features: This self-sustainable, habitat garden is a wonderful example of how to make a home garden diverse and interesting by introducing local native plants from the coastal sage scrub and oak woodland plant communities. The garden is mostly native with the exception of a few fruit trees, a magnolia tree, vines and lavenders.

Other Garden Attractions: The focus of the front yard is a young coast live oak, planted next to a meandering path and surrounded by drought tolerant shrubs and perennials, such as black, white, purple, and hummingbird sage, different manzanita species, Matilija Poppy and various bunch grasses. The left side-strip features ground covering Coyote brush, black sage and California rush. On the opposite side of the driveway, California buckwheat mingles with Coyote brush and California poppy. In the sunny areas, towards the front door, white sage, Saint Catherine's lace buckwheat and mallow share the space with manzanitas, foothill and showy penstemon, monkey flower, irises and Red and Idaho fescue. The backyard is partially shaded by a mature Magnolia tree. Ceanothus Julia Phelps and a Coast Live Oak trees planted from an acorn by a scrub jay dominate the garden center. A toyon and sugar bush hedge runs along the back fence towards a blue elderberry in the right corner. Newly planted sage Pozo's Blue and Dr. Hurd manzanita line the west side fence, and in the mid section, a small red fescue and purple needle grass meadow shares the space with white sage and a California sunflower.
In the recently vacated corner where two Monterey pines used to stand a 15 gal Buckeye tree and a California honeysuckle have been planted along the fence.

Gardening for Wildlife: Fresh water is provided in a birdbath; the food source includes berries, seeds and nectar; cover and shelter is abundant in the oak trees and native shrubs. Mocking birds, scrub jays and blue lizards are permanent residents in this garden. Regular visitors include blue robins who especially love the toyon berries in winter, towhees, woodpeckers, thrashers, hummingbirds and many butterflies, native and honey bees, e.g. long-horned bee, and other insects.

Years of CA Native Gardening at this Location: 11

Garden Size: 4560 sq ft

Designer: Agi Kehoe and homeowner
Installer: homeowner

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