Growing Natives Garden Tour 2016

Hidden Treasures (7 photos)

Garden #51, Santa Clara


Showcase Features: This garden truly stands out in an area where lawns still seem to be the norm. Two large beds with California native plants, to the left and right of the walkway to the front door, delight the visitor with year-round color - even in the fall, California fuchsia and bladderpod look vibrant and healthy, and shrubs such as coyote brush and coffeeberry add structure to the garden.

Other Garden Attractions: The hidden treasures are many: buried railroad ties form a visually appealing line, whimsical metal sculptures delight young and old visitors, and a half-buried sewing machine makes you stand and stare for just a moment. Phyla nodiflora ground cover offers a resting point to the eye. while a giant Coreopsis (Dr. Seuss tree) shows that plants can be whimsical too!

Gardening for Wildlife: A large birdbath and a small recirculating fountain offer some much needed water to birds and other small critters.

Years of CA Native Gardening at this Location: 3

Garden Size: 500 sq ft

Designer: Homeowner
Installer: Homeowner

Plant list: In preparation, will be linked later...

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