Growing Natives Garden Tour 2017

Buster's Garden (13 photos)

Garden #32, Sunnyvale


Showcase Features: Buster's Garden features a former lawn area in the front yard that has been converted to an eye-catching meadow with Fescue bunchgrasses. Accents of Pacific Coast Iris work well under an existing Gingko tree. The front yard also features Groundcover Manzanita and some young trees: Catalina Ironwood, Manzanita, and Acer negundo. The contemporary design of the garden is harmonious with the architecture of the home and the meadow grasses are a striking contrast against the darker house color. A unique feature is the quick growing Coyote Bush 'hedge' which gracefully provides privacy from neighbor's driveway on the south side of the property while attracting beneficial insects. The home also has made good use of rainwater collection through rain chains and containers. In the rear yard, young Toyon, Redbud, Holly Leaf Cherry, and Ribes provide background plantings for smaller native perennials such as Penstemon and Blue Eyed Grass and containers of succulents. The side yards contain organic herbs, vegetable beds, and fruit trees.

Other Garden Attractions:

Gardening for Wildlife: The garden is home to lizards, native bees, honey bees, towhees, wrens, juncos, hummingbirds, and several species of seasonal butterflies.

Years of CA Native Gardening at this Location: 2

Garden Size: 2259 sq.ft.

Designer: Agi Kehoe Landscaping
Installer: California Nativescapes

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