Growing Natives Garden Tour 2017

Pratt's Gardens (5 photos from 2016)

Garden #88, San Jose


Showcase Features: You will enjoy walking around this professionally designed garden (yes, the lawn is gone!). Concrete was removed from the planting strip to make space for flowering plants and recycled into Urbanite stepping pads that curve by a bird bath. The artfully pruned, young Coast Live Oak street tree is the focal point in the front which was designed to have color year-round.

Other Garden Attractions: And there's a surprise in the back yard! 4,000 gallons of rain water tanks beautifully painted by muralist Jeannine Grundeman and installed by Gutter Glove. Native flowering plants include Rosy and California & Naked Buckwheats, Wooly Golden Aster, California Fuchsia, Beach Aster, Foothill Penstemon, Island Bush Snapdragon and others. Larger shrubs include Toyon, Dr. Hurd Manzanita, Redbud, Ray Hartman Ceanothus, Coffeeberry, Flowering Currant and White Sage.

Gardening for Wildlife: Birds visit the birdbaths, feeders and butterflies, bees and hummers abound.

Years of CA Native Gardening at this Location: 2

Garden Size: 3200 sq ft

Designer: Sherri Osaka, Sustainable Landscape Designs
Installer: Stephanie Curtis, Curtis Horticulture

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