Growing Natives Garden Tour 2017

Harry & Nancy's Garden (13 photos from 2014)

Garden #2, Redwood City


Showcase Features: Redwood shores, nestled between the freeway and the bay, is a small community with many waterways. Most of the homes face the water, and the plant palette of this garden is closer to a coast side garden than other gardens on tour. The sunny areas include toyon, flannel bush 'Ken Taylor', California lilac 'Dark Star', shore pine, yarrow, and golden yarrow. Several large succulent areas use pebbles instead of bark as mulch and feature California native succulents, often difficult to grow in hotter areas such as San Jose. A 3 foot wide artemisia, sea thrift, and pacific reed grass are clearly enjoying the breeze from the bay. In the back garden, several benches and a large porch with natives in containers allow the owners to enjoy the view of the canal. A flagstone path, set in decomposed granite, is edged with driftwood to fit with the mood of this special place.

Other Garden Attractions: The owner, a geologist with the US Geological Survey who works in Nevada, Utah and Canada, contributed beautiful rocks and signs - clearly this garden is loved and lived in.

Gardening for Wildlife: The owners placed a bird bath in the back yard and a boulder with a reservoir in the front, which are visited by many birds including finches, hummingbirds, and water fowl.

Years of CA Native Gardening at this Location: 4

Garden Size: 6000 sq ft

Designer: Peigi Duvall, Indig Design
Installer: Tao Landscaping

Click here to display the plant list in a printer-friendly format (from year 2014).

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