How do I register?


First-time registrants:

When the registration opens, a link with the title “Register Now for the 2025 Tour” appears on the home page of our website, just below a short description of the tour and its purpose. Click that link to start the registration process, which will take you through three pages:

  1. On the first page, you will be prompted to enter your email address. To guard against occasional misspellings, we ask you to enter your email twice. Once you do this, a “Continue the Registration” button will take you to the second page.

  2. On the second page, we will ask you to let us know your name, how many people will be in your party, what is your zip code and city, and how you heard about the Growing Natives Garden Tour. We use your name only when we send you emails. We use other information to compile the attendance statistics for our sponsors. The second page also displays the waiver of liability, required by our sponsors. Once you provide the requested information and click the “I accept the waiver...” button, your registration is completed, and the third page will be displayed.

  3. The third page is shown to confirm your registration and tells you what to expect next. After Mar 28, 2025, 12:00 pm, it also includes a link to download the tour materials.

Repeat registrants:

If you registered for the tour in the previous year, and requested a reminder about the next tour, we email you a reminder in mid-February. This reminder will contain a personal invitation link. Use the link to bypass the first page in the registration flow and avoid having to re-enter your email address. Do not share this link with anyone. To prevent misuse of accidental forwards, the link becomes invalid once you complete the registration.

If you registered for the tour last year, but did not request a reminder, use the same process as first-time registrants.

Whether you use the invitation link or register by entering the same email as in the past, the second page will already include the information that you provided to us in the previous year(s). Please review it, make changes if needed, and click the “I accept the waiver...” button to complete the registration.

Group registrants:

Many private gardens on the tour cannot accommodate large groups. Groups of up to 20 people can use the process described above. If you plan a tour for a larger group, click here to send us email, at least one week before the tour.