Growing Natives Garden Tour 2011

Creekmore Way Garden (4 photos from 2008)

Garden #67, San Jose


Showcase Features: This professionally designed garden paradise has many eye catching elements. Recycled concrete is used to create different garden sections that are inhabited by ground cover type native species, such as 'David's Choice' artemesia, manzanita and ceanothus. A courtyard wall was created from on-site soil and cement and sets off the color of California fuchsias in the front yard. Sonoma sage is used between the car tracks along the driveway. In the back garden, a small lawn is accompanied by a mulched area with boulders, bunch and wire grasses. Newly added is a pondless water feature installed by Brookside. This feature was added to attract additional birds to the garden and to hear the soothing sound of water flowing.

Other Garden Attractions: Nice specimens of vine maple and California sunflower, island alum root dresses up a shady area near the front door. Native vines decorate many fence sections. Invasive pampass grass was recently replaced with native 'Canyon Prince' wild rye in a corner of the back garden.

Gardening for Wildlife: The native plant species, bird feeder, and nest box invite such regulars as sparrows, scrub jays, hawks, and small lizards.

Years of CA Native Gardening at this Location: 8

Garden Size: 9000 sq ft

Designer: Sherri Osaka, Sustainable Landscape Designs
Installer: Earthcare Landscaping

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