Growing Natives Garden Tour 2011

Alan Hackler Garden (5 photos)

Garden #68, San Jose


Showcase Features: The homeowner, an enthusiastic and creative practitioner of permaculture, has re-designed his front yard around rainwater catchment. Runoff from the roof is sent into channels that lead to percolation basins. Tree trimmings are reused as landscape elements, catching moisture for plants. Riparian plants planted to utilize roof runoff include red and yellow-twig forms of cornus sericea, vine maple, juncus patens, stream orchids and tules. Other shrubs include Ceanothus "Dark Star", manzanita "St. Helena", coyote brush and blue elderberry. Native bulbs and wildflowers provide a carpet of spring color. The side yard features gray-water irrigation and urbanite terracing.

Other Garden Attractions: The home owner operates a small native plant nursery in the backyard and utilizes unique hydroponics methods for rooting cuttings. There is also a large collection of native plants in traditional and bonsai containers. The garden also features a koi pond that is incorporated into a small aquaponics vegetable garden.

Gardening for Wildlife: Many kinds of bees, hummingbirds and other birds are found in the garden. Plants and tree branches provide nesting, perches and shelter.

Garden Talk: 12AM - Gardening with greywater and rainwater; 3:30 PM - introduction to aquaponics gardening. Aquaponics demonstrations throughout the day.

Years of CA Native Gardening at this Location: 2

Garden Size: 3,300 sq ft

Designer: Alan Hackler, Bay Maples: Wild California Gardens
Installer: Alan Hackler, Bay Maples: Wild California Gardens

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