Growing Natives Garden Tour 2011

Three Habitats Garden (4 photos from 2010)

Garden #17, Palo Alto


Showcase Features: The garden includes a mature, mostly native, front garden
with a specimen toyon, a newly installed courtyard garden combining natives with a few mediterranean climate plants, and a back garden with meandering paths inviting visitors to enjoy its new plantings.

Other Garden Attractions: The lovely mature front garden includes specimen trees and and mounds that combine a few Mediterranean plants such as lavender and rosemary and natives such as ceanothus and salvias. The design well-complements the home's classic Eichler architecture. The newly installed courtyard garden includes a dry stream bed, a delight as viewed from inside the home. Visitors can enjoy a combination of Australian correa (providing winter food for the hummingbirds) and natives such as seaside daisy and coral bells. The backyard has also been recently installed. The work included improving poor soil and poor drainage with mounding and some amending. The backyard includes attractive decomposed granite paths that invite the visitor to linger and enjoy the many different native shrubs and perennials, including manzanita, penstemon, and salvias. As the plantings mature, more shade will be provided to the patio where views back into the garden will be very pleasing.

Gardening for Wildlife: The shelter, berries, and nectar and pollen plants create
an exceptional wildlife habitat, and bees, butterfies, wrens, thrush, hummingbirds,
squirrels, scrub jays, and towhees visit the garden. A small bird bath in the
back is the finishing touch and truly makes this garden a wildlife paradise.

Plants Available: On tour day, Native Revival Nursery will conduct a plant sale at this garden. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Going Native Garden Tour. Please pay with cash or check.

Years of CA Native Gardening at this Location: 5

Garden Size: 2500+ sq ft

Designer: Annaloy Nickum
Installer: Earthcare Landscaping

Click here to download the plant list in PDF format (from year 2010).

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