Growing Natives Garden Tour 2011

Whitmer Garden (9 photos)

Garden #16, Palo Alto


Showcase Features: This attractive front garden is a welcome exception from the traditional front lawn. Downspouts direct roof runoff into the dry creekbed to keep the water on site. The creekbed is surrounded by a rich collection of native shrubs, perennials, and annuals.

Other Garden Attractions: The front entrance is tastefully accented by a large, potted Canyon Prince wildrye, complimenting the colors of the house. Another eye-catcher is the espaliered snapdragon bush along the fence. Western redbuds and California bush anemone add dimension to the garden, while manzanitas, sages, and 'Shasta Sulfur' buckwheat form a beautiful ground cover. In spring, blue gilia bloom, interspersed with other native wildflowers. The owners are amazed how quickly the garden filled in and are delighted by the display, changing though the seasons.

Gardening for Wildlife: Shrubs will provide shelter for birds, and organic gardening practices encourage insects that feed the birds.

Years of CA Native Gardening at this Location: 1

Garden Size: 1500

Designer: Stephanie Morris
Installer: Curtis Horticulture

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