Growing Natives Garden Tour 2015

Quail's Hideout (6 photos)

Garden #5, Redwood City


Showcase Features: Having gardens that are designed by the home owner are always especially popular on the tour, and this little gem will be no exception. In the front, attractive grasses, manzanita, currants, alum root and bush anemone complement the yarrow-lippia mixed lawn. A flowery corner blooming with gilia, daisy, verbena, iris and blue-eyed grass welcome pedestrians. In the back, the play area for the kids is clearly the most important feature but lovely currants, huckleberry, and other shade-lovers provide an attractive background.

Other Garden Attractions: The front-yard was a fenced and abandoned weedy lawn and is now landscaped with native plants. Behind a screen of tall native shrubs such as ceanothus, a bench invites the visitor to sit and watch the birds that come to the birdbath. This is a truly low maintenance and irrigation free garden. The shrubs were hand watered initially and are now established and receive very little water.

Gardening for Wildlife: Hummingbirds, quails, butterflies, and pollinators visit the garden for the nectar and other food sources, including tiny fruit from a Roger's Red native grape. The pigeons love to hang out under the ceanothus.

Years of CA Native Gardening at this Location: 5

Garden Size: 2000 sq ft

Designer: Front: Homeowner
Installer: Back: Homeowner

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