Growing Natives Garden Tour 2015

Sapphire Garden (8 photos)

Garden #4, Redwood City


Showcase Features: With lawn to the left and right, this beautiful garden truly stands out in the neighborhood. In the spring, Clarkia and poppies show off their brilliant color, but many other native perennials and shrubs bloom year round. Buckwheats, monkey flowers, ground cover sage, mallows, and California fuchsia add beauty and are attractive to birds and pollinators. A curved path leads to the front door, where a delicate Maurandia vine (from Southern California) forms an attractive screen.

Other Garden Attractions: In the back, a large still pond with a small fountain pump is sure to attract the critters - and the garden visitor is greeted by load chirping of birds. Two seating areas, one on a stone patio with an outside dining area and another with comfortable wicker chairs under a shade sail hidden in the back. Island snapdragon, buckwheats, monkey flower, native verbena, and other tidy natives make the place look welcoming to both humans and critters.

Gardening for Wildlife: With a brush pile, pond, and logs it's no surprise that the garden is a haven for birds such as juncos, tohees, and doves. The pond attracts damselflies and salamanders - truly a special place for humans and critters alike.

Years of CA Native Gardening at this Location: 3

Garden Size: 2500 sq ft

Designer: Homeowner
Installer: Homeowner

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