What to do if you have not received the confirmation email.

The confirmation email contains a hyperlink which serves two purposes:

  1. It will make accessing our website easier for you.

  2. It activates email reminders about the tour.

On rare occasions, our confirmation email is not received by the registrants. This page tells you what to do in such case. If you received email but the hyperlink in it does not work, click here.


Here are some suggestions that solved problems experienced by the tour registrants in the past:

  1. 1.Check your mailbox and make sure it is not full. Empty your deleted items folder.

  2. 2.Send an email to yourself to verify that your can receive email.

  3. 3.Configure your spam-blocker to add gngt.org and gngt.org to your list of approved senders.

  4. 4.Add the contact register@gngt.org to your contact list. Some email programs do not allow receiving emails from unknown senders.

  5. 5.Check your "Bulk" or "Spam" folder to make sure that the confirmation email is not being automatically moved there.

  6. 6.Are you using an email address from your workplace or school? Some businesses and schools have additional spam-blocking procedures that reject the confirmation email. Retry registration using a different email address (see below).

  7. 7.Are you using an AOL email address? In the past, confirmation emails have not been received by many AOL users. Make sure you follow all the steps above.

  8. 8.Are you using an Earthlink or Mindspring email address? Make sure you follow all the steps above. The tour is operated by volunteers working in their spare time, and we are unable to respond to spam-prevention software issuing requests like this: "I apologize for this automatic reply to your email. To control spam, I now allow incoming messages only from senders I have approved beforehand. If you would like to be added to my list of approved senders, please fill out the short request form." While we may make an effort to handle such requests, success is not guaranteed, especially just before and on the tour day.

If your problem is not solved by any of the suggestions above, retry registration using a different email address. Email providers like Yahoo, Google, and Hotmail offer email accounts for no charge. These email accounts have been used successfully for tour registration.

To modify your registration information, including your email address, go to the Registered Visitor Page, available as the last link on the left at our home page, and sign in. The only disadvantage of not receiving the confirmation email is that you must remember to retrieve the tour information when it becomes available on Mar 29, 2024, 12:00 pm.