I registered online, but didn't receive any information about the tour!


Everyone who has successfully completed the registration process has been sent an email describing how to retrieve the information about the tour. If you have not received this email, these are the possibilities that come to mind:

  1. You might have not clicked the “I accept the waiver and submit the registration” button. Until you do that, you are not registered, and you will not be able to retrieve the information.

  2. Perhaps you never used your personal link to access your Visitor Page. Until you do that, we won’t send you any emails, since we have no guarantee that the registration was entered by the owner of the email, and spam-prevention policies require us to send emails only to confirmed addresses. See also the Why do I need a personal link? page.

  3. You might have accidentally suspended your registration or checked off the boxes that request email notifications.

  4. Additional possibilities related to email malfunctions are explained on the Missing Confirmation Email page.

No matter what the reason, do not panic!

Remember: you can always access the tour information as described on the How Does the Tour Work? page.

Any registration completed after Mar 29, 2024, 12:00 pm is given access to the tour information immediately after accepting the waiver of liability. So if nothing seems to work, simply register again.