Going Native Garden Tour 2014

Matt & Val's Native Garden (5 photos)

Garden #27, Santa Clara


Showcase Features: This professionally designed garden is restoration inspired and features plants mostly from the oak woodland and grassland communities that once used to exist in this area. Special attention was paid to include many local plants.

Other Garden Attractions: In the front yard, Idaho and California fescue grasses and perennial wildflowers are mingling under a coast live oak, a valley oak, a blue elderberry and a California buckeye. For added color and texture, the garden is edged with bee's bliss sage, dwarf coyote brush and California fuchsia. Additional accents are provided by carpenteria, pink-flowering currant, snowberry, coast silk tassel, toyon and a Dr. Hurd manzanita. An ornamental, meandering dry creek bed helps to drain some of the storm water runoff. In the back yard, the concrete paths and part of the existing patio were broken up and recycled into a permeable hardscape that extends to the side of the house. In the heart of the garden is an oval-shaped red fescue meadow, accented with native wildflowers and a bubbling fountain which can be enjoyed from the patio as well as from the seating wall on the opposite side. The native plants here mingle with raised vegetable beds--built from recycled lumber--and a lemon. Along the back fence, colorful spring accents are provided by a western redbud and a Ray Hartman ceanothus, while a California wild grape does the job in the fall. At the west side of the house, hollyeaf cherry offers privacy and shade from the hot sun. The homeowners are exceptionally eco-minded who use solar panels, a rain sensor, a worm compost bin, grow their own organic produce and drive a hybrid vehicle!

Gardening for Wildlife: The garden provides food, shelter and places to raise young. A birdbath & a circulating fountain offer fresh water.

Years of CA Native Gardening at this Location: 7

Garden Size: 2500 sq ft

Designer: Agi Kehoe
Installer: Benz's Landscaping & Tree Care

Click here to download the plant list in PDF format (from year 2009).

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